Keep Trying

Friday, August 27, 2004

The Joy of Improvement

According to classical sources, Rosh Hoshana is a time of rebirth, renewal and a fresh start for the entire world. It is a time to revitalize our committment to become better people. A time to strengthen our self control and to improve our relationships. A time to recognize that a complex world like our has a Creator who created us out of pure love and wants only the best for us.

I was talking to some people who view Rosh Hoshana as a dreaded day of sentencing. This is primarily due to the Gemarra which discusses the judgement of the righteous, the wicked and those in between on R"H. It is also due to primacy of the Usenah Tokef prayer in the service and it's focus on judgement.

Although there is certainly an focus on judgement, it is primarily a judgement of whether we are truly committed to improve. Most of the contemporary authorities hold that the vast vast majority of people are neither righteous or wicked and have the power to write their own prescription of life via a path of improvement. And most suggest a small step improvement program.

So it probably makes sense to take advantage of this time to improve ourselves. Now stopping wasting your time on the Internet and go do something really productive :-)