Keep Trying

Monday, August 30, 2004

William's A Fire

William Safire implores us to win this war:

This is an election essentially about the political will to carry the war on terror to the sources of terror and to maintain that will despite the costs.
Though there have always been many to whom taking the offensive gives offense, a majority of Americans will be willing to "stay the course" if a persuasive leader can ennoble the cause.
In "World War IV," a brilliant, long, sweeping review of our foreign policy in the past century in the current Commentary magazine, the neoconservative Norman Podhoretz makes the historical case for optimistic assertiveness over "realistic" accommodation. He sees the roots of the Bush Doctrine in the successful Truman Doctrine, and reminds us that the sustained resolve that won the three global wars of the past century can prevail in the present generation's rendezvous with terror.

I'm more of a new libercon than an old neocon, but such a determined mindset on our time's paramount issue - of global safety in freedom - attracts me to the crowd in New York that points with pride at what we're doing rather than the bunch in Boston that viewed with alarm all we've done.

Look ahead, you guys. No culture-warring, no back-pedaling, no pouting at celebrity Bush-bashing, no poll-bounce fixation, no Kerrymandering. "In war, resolution"; in campaigning, uplift.