Keep Trying

Thursday, September 23, 2004

An Awesome Day

Friday at sundown is the start of Yom Kippur. It is the most awesome day of the year.

A day when we take a complete respite from the physical pleaures of the world.

A day focused on intense prayer (in my Shul it is about 3 hours Friday night and 11 hours on Saturday).

A day when we come face to face with who we really are - human beings who make mistakes - plenty of them.

A day to shed tears of regret over our mistakes.

A day when the Master of the Universe gives us a process to correct our mistakes.

A day when we rediscover the meaning of life.

A day when we commit to being a better friend, neighbor, husband, wife, parent, child, employer, employee - a firm committment to become a better human being.

A day focused on a better tomorrow.

An Awesome Day - indeed.