Keep Trying

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rather Unremorseful

Many people are not satisfied with Dan Rather's Teshuva (mistake correction). John Podhoretz writes:

I don't accept the apologies of Rather and CBS News, in part because they haven't really been offered. They're trying to get themselves out of a hole, and they're only digging it deeper.

And what Rather did yesterday was beyond forgiveness. He is continuing to argue that the airing of a patently fraudulent effort whose purpose was to change the results of a presidential election was an act of "good faith."

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler tells us that one of the key components often missing from Teshuva is remorse. We have to truly regret what we did because it was wrong, not because we got in trouble because of our actions.

Truly admitting that we did something wrong is one of the hardest things to do - but it is a critical part of the correction process.