Keep Trying

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Cheese Sandwiches and Kissing

After 3 days it has occurred to me that I am actually blogging about eating cheese sandwiches. Well actually we're eating plain cheese, because there are no sandwiches in phase 1 of the SBD.

According to the SBD, low fat cheese is cool because it is a unsaturated non-trans fat which are actually good for you along with olive & canola oil, nuts and lean meats. The bad fats are saturated and/or processed like poultry, fatty meats and high-fat dairy products. So if you are going to eat cheese today, make it a low-fat cheese stick.

We mentioned yesterday, that eating maintains the connection between body and soul. Rabbi Tatz points out that speaking, another function of the mouth connects the mind of the speaker with the listener creating a connection between individuals.

Rabbi Tatz continues and explains that the third function of the mouth, kissing, creates an intimate connecion between two people. Kissing is a natural expression of affection, but in truth it is a very strange activity. If we were asked to design a physical expression of affection, contact between people using the mouth would certainly not enter the mind. But it is built into our behavior patterns, because in essence it is perfectly appropriate. The mouth is an organ of connection and therefore in all three of its functions, we see this manifest.

Have a great day and try to connect with your mouth in the best possible way.