Keep Trying

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dieting, Self Control and Presidential Endorsement

So far we have all lost about 4 pounds on the diet with three days to go for Phase 1. Dr Agatson says that people consistently lose 8 to 13 pounds in the first phase. I would attribute our underachievement is most likely to the fact that we eat bread and wine on Shabbos or we are snacking on too many nuts. We are deciding whether we should stay on the most restrictive Phase 1 for another week or move on to Phase 2. I would like to add that most of us feel that we have more energy and feel trimmer on the diet.

Another aspect of this diet that I like is the life-long self-control view of eating that it promotes. I think controlling one's wants is an integral part of a healthy personality and eating is an area where we have many opportunities to strengthen this character trait.

I just want to take this time to give my presidential endorsement. I think a vote for George W Bush makes the most sense at this time. It is hard to dispute the fact that there is an organized and lethal group of people whose goal is to take down America. The current president has consistently shown he is more committed to defending the citzenship against this threat than Mr. Kerry. There were mistakes made in Iraq, but I don't think anybody can reasonably claim that Kerry would not make mistakes. The question is what is the consequences and magnitude of the mistakes. I believe that democracy will be established in Iraq (as it has begun in Afghanistan) and that result will have extremely positive consequences for the people of the Middle East and the entire world.

Have a happy and healthy weekend and consider blogging your own presidential endorsement. And check out Meryl's Another Liberal for Bush.