Keep Trying

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Focus on Happiness

The vacation was great filled with food, family, friends and davening. The emotional focus of the Succos holiday is happiness and it is pointed out by many commentators how difficult it is to maintain a consistent state of happiness. There is always some big or little thing coming up to upset our contentment. But if we view or goal in life is to become better human beings and help create a better world, then each challenge helps us reach our goal and can actually increase our happiness. It's all in the framing.

Spending time with friends and family makes one realize that it is relationships that make us the most happy. Physical and aesthetic pleasures are wonderful, but nothing beats the pleasure of a relationship. It takes work, as most people are not perfect and they will have their deficiencies. But if we focus on the positive and on giving to others we soon realize how fortunate we are to live in a world with some many wonderful people.

The blogosphere is a great place to increase and deepen our relationships, so I will be focusing on growing my blogroll. Have a great day.