Keep Trying

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Food - Practice, Theory and Essence

I'm going to break these South Beach Diet Blog posts into 3 parts: how we are faring on the diet, the theory of the diet and some spiritual insights into food. On the practical side, I have lost a little over 2 pounds so far. But what is more important is how you feel, as a friend recently related - "Nothing tastes as good, as slim feels". Check out the Healthy Weight Forum for some other motivational quotes.

In the book, Dr Agatston states that all carbs and fats are not created equal. Bad carbs (processed foods without fiber) impair our insulin and blood chemistry preventing our body from properly processing fats or sugar. Good carbs (fruits, vegetables and whole grains) can be metabolized properly and provide valuable nutients and fiber and create a humane and sensible eating plan. So good carbs are in starting with Phase 2, and bad carbs are out, but allowed on occasion in Phase 3. We'll talk about fats tomorrow.

Why are we so focused on eating? In his book Worldmask, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, M.D. explains that the soul and body represent opposite polarities and their natural state is separation. A special energy is required to keep them together, and this energy is provided by food. The function of food is to bond the soul and the body. When we don't eat, the soul begins to move out and we become faint. If starvation is prolonged, unconsciousness results. And if starvation is prolonged sufficiently, the separation between body and soul becomes permanent and we die. Food is the connecting bond between our physical and spiritual components.

And the Sanders Family saw that it was good - the end of Day 3.