Keep Trying

Friday, October 29, 2004

JRants, Politics and Good People

A (relatively) new site worth checking out is JRants which is a headline aggregator of Jewish Blogs. If you fit the category, add your name to the list or check out the current offering.

It is the last Shabbos before the election and it might be a good time to keep in mind that both Democrat and Republican voters are human beings first, created in the image of G*d. Who you vote for is not the primary determinate of who you are, and there are many wonderful people on both sides of the fence.

Even though we believe G*d has a guiding hand in the affairs of the world, it is our obligation to make our best efforts to bring about a better world. This is accomplished by doing positive acts and reducing negativity. At this time the negativity of terrorism is the dark cloud hanging over us and is where we currently need much focus. This blogger believes that the current Administration is much more focused on this problem and therefore suggests that you seriously consider voting for George W Bush.

Have a great weekend!