Keep Trying

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Blog Bait

Many non-profit organizations, for whom I do pro-bono work, are looking to build a web site. Most of the time they want a brochure site, something that looks nice. I don't like to get involved in brochure sites because members and other visitors rarely return, so I prefer to work on other projects.

In reality, the conversation of the blogosphere has spoiled me. I find it, by far, the most exciting (and addicting) part of the Web. I feel the potential for organizations to use it to get their constituencies more involved is huge, but I am having great difficulty getting others to agree - they just want a brochure. I probably need to get them addicted to reading blogs first and then they would see the power - but I'm not so comfortable with that approach.

So I'll keep on pitching and hope I can convince them to invigorate their organization.