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Friday, November 05, 2004

Red Train - Blue Train - on The Cluetrain

I am neither Red nor Blue, even though I might have voted Democrat or Republican in any particular election. I am a person who has viewpoints on a wide variety of subjects within the Social, Economic and National Security spheres. I will listen to almost anybody on a wide variety of subjects as long as it is a conversation and not a shouting match. I have learned a tremendous amount about conversation from the Internet Cluetrain Community anchored by Doc Searls and David Weinberger.

I was very surprised and disappointed by Dr Weinberger's recent insulting post to anybody who voted Republican. It is just further evidence that when anger and rage take the upperhand the conversational Cluetrain screeches to a halt. We need a continuing national discussion and the Democratic Party needs to clarify and articulate its message without the anger and contempt that prevent it from being heard.

Doc has a number of good posts in which he implores his fellow partisans to accept the fact that the majority of Americans care deeply about what they see as morality and national security. Today he makes the following point:

I remember the "everybody got stupid" stuff when Reagan won, by a much bigger margin than Bush won on Tuesday. It was wrong then and it's wrong now. Understandable, sure; but wrong. I know lots of real smart people — much smarter than me, fersure — who voted for Bush.

It's not about smarts. It's about lots of other stuff, much of which we still don't understand. None of us. Maybe not even Karl Rove.

In the above post, Doc points to Habit 5 -- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. I just printed it out and will work on internalizing it as I travel to have lunch with a life-long friend who most definitely did not vote Red.

Here's a little ditty, I just wrote up:

It's not About Red
It's not About Blue
It's all about whether you have a Clue
So ditch the anger and ditch the rage
And someday, G*d willing, we'll be on the same page