Keep Trying

Monday, November 01, 2004

Sons of Prophets

Bush will get 300+ electoral votes. This is the result of the latest Mike Sanders' poll of likely voters. It is amazing how poll crazy we have become.

Well actually not so amazing, as the Gemorra (Talmud) in Tractate Sotah says that in the latter times of history: "the face of the generation will be like the face of a dog". A dog walks in front seemingly pulling the leash, but he is constantly looking back for directions. And so too with our leaders, they are constantly looking at the polls to see which way they should go.

Why have we no leaders? Because we don't really want them. We are a generation which hates authority in whatever form it takes. I am blogger, hear me opine.

What can an individual do? Find a friend who will be honest with you. Find a spiritual guide who is a person of wisdom and integrity (they don't have to be perfect) to ask advice and guidance. And clarify in your mind that there is a Creator, who wants us all to succeed.

Just a reminder: Today is the last day that you can play with the pollsters. So make your election predictions before it is too late.