Keep Trying

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

8th Habit-Chapter 1-The Pain

The subtitle of Covey's 8th Habit is "From Effectiveness to Greatness". The implication being that you have already reached effectivenss. If you are spending 1-2 hours a day reading blogs, you might admit some failings in the third habit of - Put First Things First. But maybe you don't have to reach high levels of effectiveness to take steps towards greatness.

Covey in fact sees a greater problem than people not being effective. In Chapter 1 of the 8th Habit, Covey describes the pain many people feel in their work environments. Here are 3 of 10 sobering statistics he presents:
- Only 1 in 5 was enthusiastic about their team's and organization's goals
- Only 15 percent felt their organization fully enables them to execute key goals
- Only 20 percent fully trusted the organization they work for.

Covey points out that despite all the progress in technology, product innovation and world markets, people are not thriving in the organizations they work for. They are not fulfilled, not excited, frustrated, not clear where they are heading, bogged down and distracted. Can you imagine the personal and organizational cost of such failing to fully engage the passion talent and intelligence of the workforce?

Next time: Covey meets the Cluetrain.