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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Blogging The Whole Person Paradigm

Covey loves paradigms because they explain the current state of things and guide us on how to act. In the Knowledge Worker Age, Covey says we must move away from the thing paradigm to what he calls the Whole-Person Paradigm.

The Whole-Person Paradigm recognizes that people are four dimensional - body, mind, heart and spirit. He maintains that all philosophy and religion, both Western and Eastern from the beginning of recorded time recognizes the same four dimensions physical/economic, the mental, the social/emotional and the spiritual.

Covey points out that this four dimensions represent the four basic needs and emotions of all people:
To Live (Survival)
To Love (Relationships)
To Learn (Growth and Development)
To Leave a Legacy (Meaning and Contribution)

If you analyze blogging, you will see that it appeals to all four dimensions with its strongest focus on love/relationships and learning.