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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Covey on the Commitment

In chapter on the Problem, Covey asks what's the direct connection between the "controlling" paradigm that dominates today's workplace and the inability of managers and organizations to inspire their people. Covey surmises that the connection is that people make choices and consciously or subconsciously decide how much of themselves they will give to their work. He claims that this decision depends on how they are treated in all four parts of their nature, mind, heart, body and spirit.

Covey describes 6 levels of commitment from lowest to highest:
1) Rebel or Quit
2) Malicious Obedience
3) Willing Compliance
4) Cheerful Cooperation
5) Heartfelt Commitment
6) Creative Excitement

Based on non-scientific surveys he has performed around the world, Covey states that in today's Information/Knowledge Worker Age the only way you will get a worker to participate at the highest levels of commitment is if they are:
1) Paid Fairly (body)
2) Treated Kindly (heart)
3) Used Creatively (mind)
4) Serve Human Needs in Principled Ways (spirit)

Having identified today's malaise problem as not fulfilling the needs of the whole-person, Covey moves on to the solution, which we will G-d willing start discuss next week.