Keep Trying

Monday, December 06, 2004

Models of Greatness

In the 8th habit, Mr. Covey maintains that as we transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age we must go beyond being effective to being great. If not we will be left behind like the poor farmers who did not adjust as the Industrial Age came to fruition.

I think Mr. Covey assumes that we have already mastered the Art of Effectiveness. As much as I think the 7 habits are great pieces of advice, turning them into habits is a lifelong task. I try to be more effective today than yesterday - and if it could be measured, I probably fail at that goal more often than not.

I don't think we need to become masters of effectiveness to become great, nor do we have to become the leaders that Covey invisions. Greatness is the process of become a better person everyday and continuing to strive for improvement on both the days of success and those of failure.

Here is thought about greatness from one of my teachers:
"All of life is a challenge of not being distracted from the greatness that we are".

Back to Covey next time.