Keep Trying

Thursday, February 10, 2005

All of Life is a Challenge of not Being Distracted from Our Inherent Greatness

Rabbi Yitzchok Kirzner zt"l said "All of life is a challenge of not being distracted from the greatness that we are". Human beings are inherently great and we have the potential to achieve great things with ourselves, friends, family, community and the planet. Rabbi Kirzner said that our biggest problem is that we get distracted and fail to actualize our unbelievable potential.

These days, the Web, email, blogging, googling and the vast entertainment network provide more distractions then any time in history. In today's NY Times in an article titled You There, at the Computer: Pay Attention, Katie Hafner discusses some of the effects and possible solutions to the electronic interruptions to which we subject ourselves. Did you know that Microsoft has an Attentional User Interface project where they are trying to create software to address this issue?

Some of us try to use time management and focusing systems like Covey's Seven Plus Habits and Allen's "Getting Things Done", but we know that we are facing a huge battle. What's the solution? We have to be relentless. Use all available tools and be cognizant of the fact that we will always waste some time. The trick is to minimize the waste and continue to strive in our life's work of actualizing our greatness. Sorry for the distraction.