Keep Trying

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Microsoft, Getting Things Done, and Freedom

Lenn Pryor Director of Platform Evangelism at Microsoft and boss of Robert Scoble recently resigned and it was no surprise that the anonymous Microsoft blogger, Mini Microsoft gave us more insight into the troubling situation at Microsoft then any non-anonymous Microsoft blogger. Predictably, corporate blogging has become another form of marketing or a way for employee bloggers to earn corporate feathers in their cap.

I was happy to see that both Dave Winer and Dare Obasanjo linked to the anonymous Microsoft blogger. And it seems that the new Director of Platform Evangelism, Jeff Sandquist is a Getting Things Done fan. The problem is that GTD is about management and Microsoft needs leadership before management. Perhaps a review of Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind would be helpful. How about "Web before Windows" as a directional mantra?

In the total scheme of things Microsoft, Windows and the Web are really bit players in the real game of life. We are approaching Passover and a teacher recently pointed out that we put all our old dishes away on Passover and start from scratch - everything is not kosher. Wherever we are holding today must be reexaminee, we can take the opportunity to become better in all that we do. This is one of the major messages of Passover - The Holiday of Spring Time - A Time for Renewal.