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Monday, May 16, 2005

Authority with a Capital A

Despite the increased modes of communication, human communication itself does not seem to be improving. In the Blogging is Journalism discussion, not only do we lack good understandings of the essence of professional Journalism, but we have even introduced an additional source of mis-communication by introducing journalism with a small j, which can mean anything. So now when you use the word journalism there is a 80% chance the person you are conversing with is on a different wavelength (and sometime a different planet).

One of the new exciting discussions is about authority. Since I have run out of blogging time, let's start with some definitions of Authority from

a. The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.
b. One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials: land titles issued by the civil authority.
2. Power assigned to another; authorization: Deputies were given authority to make arrests.
3. A public agency or corporation with administrative powers in a specified field: a city transit authority.
a. An accepted source of expert information or advice: a noted authority on birds; a reference book often cited as an authority.
b. A quotation or citation from such a source: biblical authorities for a moral argument.
5. Justification; grounds: On what authority do you make such a claim?
6. A conclusive statement or decision that may be taken as a guide or precedent.
7. Power to influence or persuade resulting from knowledge or experience: political observers who acquire authority with age.
8. Confidence derived from experience or practice; firm self-assurance: played the sonata with authority.

[Middle English auctorite, from Old French autorite, from Latin auctōritās, auctōritāt-, from auctor, creator.]

To be continued...