Keep Trying

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Compliant Long Tail

There is a blogging dinner in NY tonight featuring Robert Scoble, Joel Spolsky and Dave Winer. It is also Dave's 50th birthday and he has requested links to boost his Technorati 100 ranking. As an obedient long-tailer, I am happy to comply.

The long tail is a blogging myth in which the heavy-traffic bloggers try to convince the little guys, like you and me, that we are really the important ones in the blogosphere. And we should keep on blogging and linking to the big guys, since collectively the bottom 99% has much more viewership than the top 1% - or something like that.

Keep in mind that the blogosphere pie has been mostly carved out. If you are not munching on a big piece, and the relatively small fame and fortune that goes with it, make sure your blogging is satisfying some other basic human need.

Note: Whether the long tail is a valid hypothesis in other endeavors besides blogging is beyond the scope of this blog entry.