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Monday, May 23, 2005

Connecting in the Real World

Toby from the Diva Marketing Blog makes an interesting point in a recent post:

Got to the blogosphere people are intense about sharing themselves with the virtual word at-large. But how many bloggers know the names of the people who they come into contact with on a regular basis? Do you know the name of your mail person? Your gardener? Your cleaner? Or the kid who bags your groceries?

If the blogoshere's goal is to connect with people, shouldn't bloggers be setting examples by knowing the names of the people who "serve" them in the real-world (vs. the virtual world)?

One reason that people might connect more in the blogosphere is that it's easier - less social skills are required. Although once you have met someone in the blogosphere, you already have the icebreaker for face-to-face conversation - most people's gardeners don't have a blog.

However if you come across a gardener, cleaner or custodion blog - please send Toby a note.