Keep Trying

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Creative Disney Model of the Blogosphere

In their book Introducing NLP, the authors describe Robert Dilts modelling of the wonderfully creative strategy of Walt Disney, and observed that Disney played three personnas:
- The first was the dreaming visionary who came up with the idea.
- Then there was the realist who balanced the issues of time, money, resources and managment to make the vision a reality.
- Lastly was the critic who questioned whether the resulting product - was really worth it.

Those who worked with him, recognized the three positions, but never knew which one Disney would take at a meeting. He probably balanced the meeting by supplying the one that was not well-represented.

In the 'sphere we have the dreamers like Doc and Mr. Weinberger. Then their are the critics like John Dvorak and USA Today's
Kevin Maney. And then there are the realists, who move progress forward, maybe Dave Winer is a good example. Of course, at any time anybody in the 'sphere can fulfill all three roles.

So to the dreamers out there, who crunge when a critic snarks them - think about Disney and all the success that the idealist, realist, critic model brought and listen to what the other voices are saying.

(Note: - I know I used bigheaders in my examples, but that does not mean that I have jumped the tail as a result of my recent blogebrity - I'm forever a longtailer - Mike.)