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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Dangers of Headism

Chris "Longtail" Anderson, the editor of Wired and the leading spokesman for the longtail, the curve that is, has an interesting post on the Dangers of Headism. He points out:

...I've been riffing on the dangers of "headism", the mistake of assuming that the economic incentives and other forces that dominate at the head of a demand curve apply equally down the tail

In the Incentives area, Mr. Anderson posits the following distinctions:
Head: $$$
Middle: Reputation Leading to $$$
LongTail: Expression

In blogging, I think it may be more connection, rather than expression. And despite the fact that blogging is a fairly weak form of connection, the isolation that many people feel leads them to seek connection wherever it can be found. To be fair, Mr. Anderson was not just talking about blogging so his identification of expression may be more correct in all the markets to which he is collectively applying the longtail.

In any case, the post is definitely worth a scan.