Keep Trying

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Grand Unifying Force of the Blogosphere

Since we have entered the age of tagging, maybe it makes sense to start eliminating the space from words like longtail and bighead, so their usage is more consistent with their tag.

Kevin Marks has posted a piece of some economic implications of the longtail. When I blogged about the "Myth of the Longtail" it was an objection to the social side of the theory, the economic side has its own set of issues.

There is an elegance to having one theory describe everything. So let's take the left hand side of the bell curve and call that the Bighead. Then we'll group the big middle and the right hand side as the Longtail and voila, we have transformed the bell curve into the longtail. I know graphics would make this clearer, but I am just a low-budget longtailer giving my contribution to the Grand Unifying Force of the Blogosphere.