Keep Trying

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Identity Crisis - I Made the Blogebrity C-List

It's hard to believe, but I made the Blogebrity C-List.

Blogebrity is a primary source for links to the most authoritative blogs, in a similiar way to the Technorati 100. The major difference is that we can trust Blogebrity's methodology, because they just add the names manually, while Technorati continues to have trouble accurately spidering, storing and searching their link database.

The Blog Herald declared Technorati broken on February 4, 2005, which according to the date difference calendar makes this Day 113 in the Technorati is Broken Watch. I told Dave Sifrey in his comments yesterday, that I love his service (I really do!), and asked if there are any upgrades in the works or should we just sit tight. I'm taking the lack of any communications on the part of Dave and Technorati as an indication that we should just sit tight. Gotta love those conversing markets.

My real problem is that I am having a sort of identity crisis. Here I was championing myself as a voice of the downtrodden longtailers, and all of a sudden, some johnny-come-lately blog pushes me in the direction of the bighead. It's gonna take me a while to parse this one, so please bear with me.