Keep Trying

Friday, May 06, 2005

On Big Headers and Blogrolls

Thanks to old friends Dave Rogers and Shelley Powers for showing appreciation for some recents quips on the "Myth of Blogging's Long Tail".

What bothers me is the unintended abuse of the Long Tailers (low traffic blogger) by the Big Headers (high traffic bloggers). I think most people would love to be Big Headers, and no Big Header wishes they were a Long Tailer, but they are two distinct types of bloggers, with different investments and payoffs. If we acknowledge that fact, maybe we would have less misunderstanding.

Which brings us to Blogrolls. Seth Finkelstein astutely pointed out here that Blogrolls are important because of what they represent.

In my mind they represent a more permanent relationship with a person, because he/she is a person who has virtues you appreciate - irrespective of their writing, political views or technical expertise. They can be much more than a hyperlink, navigational tool, or bookmark - possibly a first step toward a longer and deeper relationship.

A call to my fellow Long Tailers, give the gift that keeps on giving, add a new (or old) friend to your publicly visible Blogroll (the one on your blog, not bloglines) today.