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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Please Don't Drink the Blogging Kool Aid

There is a generally known principal, that the more a person stands to benefit from a situation, the more his objectivity is impaired. The intelligent reader understands that opinions are partially reflected by self-interest.

A second known principal is that once someone has drunk the blogging kool aid, there is very little that can be done. In some cases the person can be brought back to reality, but 95% of the time they must give up blogging in the process.

Sometimes smart people drink the blogging kool aid and stand to benefit from the popularity of blogging. What happens then - (imagine a Rod Sterling voice over) -"You are now riding aboard the Cluetrain - there are no stops, there are no exits, there are only proclamations".

In other news, Kevin Marks, a longtailer who works for the Main Stream Blogging authority, Technorati, blogged his defense of the purity of Technorati and their quest for global goodness. Please read the whole thing, it's Cluetrain theory at its finest, and he does a pretty authoritarian job of dissing Dave Rogers and myself.

I'm not going to go through the trouble of pointing out to Kevin the instances where I was being facetious in my post or to point out all the great examples of blustery writing in his post, because Kevin is very smart and can figure this out by himself.

Let me just offer a blessing to Kevin and Technorati: They should successfully IPO or be bought out and then Kevin and his co-workers can use their well earned money to do something really wonderful for the world.

I just hope we don't find them walking around mumbling to themselves, "But blogging was gonna save the world, But blogging was gonna save the world, But...".