Keep Trying

Friday, May 27, 2005

Positive Posting

I really want to end this week's blogging on a positive note. It's a marvelous spring day in New York. I went to a leibidik (lively) wedding last night of two friends in their forties. And it is Lag B'Omer, a joyous Jewish holiday, signifying the end of a 33 day mourning period in which we don't have celebrations (like weddings), take haircuts or listen to music.

So let me leave you with the words of one of the wisest people I know, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller: "Everyone of us has something to say, something that was never said by anyone else."

We have to keep reminding ourselves of this. Our greatness doesn't lie in outside recognition, but in the knowledge that every single person on the planet has a unique, wonderful and meaningful mission to carry out in the real arena that we call life.

Have a great weekend.