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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Watching Microsoft - A Lesson in Leadership - The Products

I have been blogging frequently about Microsoft over the last few weeks because I think they provide an excellent before-our-eyes example of what leadership and management is and isn't.

First let me say that I still love many Microsoft products. I think SQL Server is a great choice for many medium-size database applications. Access is great on the small end, except for the unforgivable incompatibalities with "standard" Sql (i.e. delimiting dates with # instead of quotes). And what's not to like about Word and Excel, except for the exorbitant price.

However on the application development side, the technological churn that Microsoft has imposed on the community (VS, ASP, NET, Longhorn) in such a short time span is a crime against humanity (please forgive the hyperbole).

On the net-side MSN, Hotmail and Spaces are clearly nothing to get excited about - and no one has. And of course, I share the same love/hate relationship with Windows as the rest of the world.

Next Time: Watching Microsoft - The People