Keep Trying

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Cluetrain Battles Da Man

This is the age of rebellion against authority. We question the authority of the press, of the government, of corporations, the clergy, of just about everything. In Cluetrain and the blogosphere this questioning of authority often takes the form of Rage Against the Machine.

The Cluetrain viewpoint is that my frustration at loss of voice is everyone else fault. Bring down Da Man and everything will be just fine. Of course we soon find the Da Man has just been replaced by another Da Man and we feel stifled once again. In the blogosphere, Technorati has proclaimed that the Top 100 are the new authorities because they have lots of links. If links alone determine authority, we're in big trouble.

There will always be hierarchies, both explicit and implicit. Despite the exhortations of Thomas Friedman, our world will never be flat, you will always be subject to authority, often by your own choice. Dave Rogers has done a lot of clear thinking on authority and you might want to start with this recent piece.

I'm almost done with the fork of the Cluetrain and next time I hope to conclude with the Longtailers Manifesto.