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Monday, June 27, 2005

The First Principle - Inside Our Own Heads - Field Trip

I'm trying to come up with a simple framework to put blogging and the numerous assertions, opinions and rants it hath wrought into a rational perspective. By last count there are anywhere between 4 and 7 people interested in this effort and so the name Longtailers Manifesto seems appropriate. The first principle is currently under construction and states:

We see the world from inside our own heads, our own perspectives, our own needs first - we have no choice. It is also what makes our life unique and full of unlimited potential and greatness.

A look at the recent Microsoft RSS announcement yields a great example of this principle:

Dave Winer, the man with the most investment in RSS on the planet calls the announcement a home run.

Tim Bray, a primary supporter of Atom, a competing format called the announcement good stuff, but was primarily interested in Microsoft support for Atom.

The Head Lemur, a Microsoft skeptic, warns that Microsoft is the last company in the world to do anything for the people.

Rick Segal, a former Microsoft employee who works very hard to convince us of his objectivity, says give Microsoft some credit.

Shelley Powers, who spends much time applying Web based technologies, gives the announcement a big ho-hum.

My take. Well first let me disclose that I own 100 shares of Microsoft stock and have been consistenly burnt as a developer and user of Microsoft technology. I have on occasion loved some of their products. Since I deal with a nunber of enterprise customers I have no alternative but to wait for Atom. I see Microsoft's embrace of RSS over Atom as just another step in their descent into enterprise irrelevancy.

Just some examples of seeing the world from inside our own heads. The first principle is obvious, but when we keep it in mind the blogging world becomes a much understandable and tolerable place.