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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Longtailer's Manifesto - First Principle - Center of Our Own Worlds

The first principle of the Longtailer's Manifesto is:

The human condition places every person at the center of their own world.

Our environment, experiences, thoughts, beliefs and character traits create a different perception and experience of the world for every person. Each of us is given a unique life experience from which we have the opportunity to maximize our potental and live a meaningful life. This unique life mission is everyone's gift, regardless of their wealth, fame, beauty or Technorati 100 ranking.

While centered in our own world, we should not become imprisoned by it. A new thought, a new attitude, a new perspective can make our own worlds infinitely better. It makes sense to look out for ideas and opportunities to improve.

An recent interesting example of being imprisoned by our own world is occuring in a discussion between Doc Searls and Dave Rogers. Doc who is usually a very good listener, seems to be imprisoned by his Cluetrain world view and can not hear the very good points Dave is making about authority, responsibility and accountability in the blogosphere. In addition, Dave talks of selling in the more general sense of influencing, where as Doc takes offense at the notion that he is selling anything. (Update: Doc says that he's listening.)

So the first principle is realizing everybody is at the center of their own world with a great deal of control on how they blossom or are imprisoned by the one world in which they have control.