Keep Trying

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Voice, Shavuos and the Grateful Dead

At its heart, the Cluetrain Manifesto is about voice, or rather the loss of it in today's alienating environment. This is a real problem and is also at the center of Covey's 8th habit.

The goal of the Longtailer's Manifesto is to produce a simple framework to address our perception of the loss of voice despite the ever increasing modes of communication in the Internet Age. In the spirit of the diminishing attention spans of the Blogging Generation, it needs to be the simplest thing that could possibly work, no more than 7 or so ideas. Since writing less takes more time, the first draft will have to wait.

I'm taking a blog break until next Thursday primarily because next Monday and Tuesday are Jewish Holidays on which we don't do any creative activity except for cooking. The special food for Shavuos is actually cheese cake. If you are interested in the holiday, I hghly recommend this story titled Shavuos and the Grateful Dead.