Keep Trying

Friday, July 22, 2005

Longtailers' Guide to Blogging

Ethan Johnson, who blogs at The Vision Thing asked where exactly am I going with the Longtailer's Manifesto. I wrote a reply here in which I said that I wanted to create a framework for myself where I can reject the nonsense and often self-centered efforts of the Tech Industry Insiders, while at the same time learn from them on the occasions where they seem to have a clue.

To that end we have the first two principles:

1) We see the world from inside our own heads, our own perspectives, our own needs first. It is also what makes our life unique and full of unlimited potential and greatness.

2)Most people think they are right most of the time.

Dave Rogers mentioned his dislike of the word manifesto so I have renamed it, "The Longtailers' Guide to Blogging".

Focusing on these two principles have actually helped me recently in some real-life communal activities, so I figured it's worth finishing the effort. Your mileage may vary.