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Friday, August 05, 2005

Intelligent Design For Bloggers

Is there a God? According to many (or most) philosophers and theologians it can't be absolutely proven either way whether God exists or not, although you'll probably find a few a bloggers who think they've discovered an iron-clad proof.

If you want to start to examine the philosophical evidence, I suggest reading Theism Vs Atheism. In this piece, Dr. Phil Fernandes examines 9 different aspects of human experience that are more adequately explained by theism (the belief in a personal God) than by atheism (the rejection of the belief in a personal God). The 9 different aspects are:
1) The Beginning Of The Universe
2) The Continuing Existence Of The Universe
3) The Design & Order Found In The Universe
4) The Possibility Of Human Knowledge
5) The Reality Of Universal, Unchanging Truths
6) The Existence Of Absolute Moral Values
7) The Absurdity Of Life Without God
8) Respect For Human Life
9) The Existence Of Evil (it's Cause & Ultimate Defeat)

Go read the article, it's not a very difficult read and you'll be better informed on a very important topic as a result.

Although you might think less of me, I want to go on the record as a believer in God and I have some objections in the very few areas where Dr. Fernandes has mixed in his own personal theology.

And please don't let President Bush's personal beliefs cloud your thinking on this. Examine the evidence. Of course you could look at the Ultimate Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands instead, that's the beauty of free will.

Have a thought-filled weekend.