Keep Trying

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Longtailers' Guide to Blogging - Version 0.92

Some adjustments to the Longtailers' Guide to Blogging. First, a change to the first principle so it reads:

1) We see the world from inside our own heads, our own perspectives, our own needs first.

I'm removing "It's also what makes our life unique and full of unlimited potential and greatness." Although I think that this is a correct statement, I don't think it make sense to include it in these principals which I want to make as short and to the point as possible.

The second principle is being changed to read:

2) Most people think that they are correct and objective most of the time.

I think the objectivity principle is important because it can help us understand where a blogger is coming from as they maintain their strong opinions.

And here's the first shot at the third principle is:

3) Discover the fragments of truth in opinions with which you disagree.

I haven't been so good at this lately, but discovering the truths on which we agree will lead to having better feelings towards a given blogger. This will lead to us being able to express that which we disagree in a manner that the blogger in question might actually hear.