Keep Trying

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Of Manifestos and Principles

My friend, Troy Worman has condensed the Longtailers' Principles as follows:

1) Call it like you see it.
2) Be objective.
3) Be tolerant.
4) Recognize humanity.
5) Be constructive.

Here's my version:

1) We see the world from inside our own heads, our own perspectives, our own needs first.
2) Most people think that they are correct and objective most of the time.
3) Discover the fragments of truth in opinions with which you disagree.
4) Recognize the humanity behind the blogger, especially when you disagree.
5) Keep focused on your constructive reasons for being involved with blogging.

Troy has developed Orbit Now! The Manifesto which reads as follows:

Be positive. A positive attitude is the single most important quality you can develop. Develop your personal network. Your sphere of influence is limited only by your own personal network. Develop a burning desire to succeed. Embrace accountability. Accept personal accountability for organizational objectives. Embrace competition. Competition will make you strong. Be tolerant. Recognize humanity. Embrace diversity. Diversity of thought and diversity of perspective will make you a better leader. Be unique. Be yourself. Call it like you see it. Think. Every action, every creation, every success begins with a single thought. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Be objective. Have the courage to face the truth. Be patient. Be patient with yourself and be patient with others. Protect the weak. Help those less fortunate than you. Protect the absent. Do not participate in criticism of those unable to defend themselves. Protect your reputation. Don't make promises you cannot keep. Fire bad customers. Fire bad employees. Fire bad bosses. Eliminate negative influences. Be fearless. Fear begets indecision. Indecision results in missed opportunity. Stretch. Venture beyond your comfort zone. Be diligent. Develop consistency of purpose. Be constructive. Build bridges. Reach out to others and find common ground. Be constructive. Build momentum. Desire, determination, and diligence generate momentum. Consistency of purpose is required to maintain it. Build competitive advantage. Leverage your strengths. Don't wait for permission to succeed. You are the best judge of your capabilities. Be your own worse critic and your own biggest fan. Don't live for 10 minutes of fame. If you live for 10 minutes of fame that is all you will achieve. Think big. Don't try to shortcut evolution. Personal growth is a process. Be kind. It's easy. Collaborate. Directive leadership does not have the same impact it did 20 years ago. Be constructive. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Be thoughtful. Never minimize others, their desires, or their ideas. Have a bias for action. Remember the self-starter self-motivator. Do it now! Have fun. If it is not fun, it is probably not worth the effort. Play at work. Have faith. Have faith in others. Believe. Believe in yourself.

Here are six of my favorites of Troy's Principles
1) Have the courage to face the truth.
2) Embrace accountability.
3) Don't live for 10 minutes of fame
4) Personal growth is a process.
5) Develop consistency of purpose.
6) Eliminate negative influences.