Keep Trying

Friday, September 23, 2005

I Love Times Warner Cable - Please Don't Ever Blog

I just wanted to post a thank you note to Times Warner Cable whose technicians always we give me nice, courteous, and conscientious service.

In addition I was recently given an offer to switch from Times Warner to Earthlink and save about $20 a month. Times Warner made the switch as painless as possible even though they service the Earthlink accounts in my neighborhood.

If anybody at Time Warner is reading this (and I hope that you're not), please don't every consider starting a blog, just keep on focusing on giving me better services at better prices.

In other news, Dave Rogers published part 3 of his Markets aren't Conversations series which is well worth reading. Doc Searls responds that he will continue to march to the Markets are Conversation metaphor because he sees some genuine conversational efforts in the marketplace.

So Markets are Conversations wins again as genuine nice guy Microsoft blogger, Robert Scoble illustrates by pleasantly conversing with 10,000+ readers about his employees latest products. Meanwhile Microsoft unleashes a new set of technologies that will collectively cost us billions of dollars in upgrades with very little commensurate return. But since Markets are Conversations, and Robert is conversing, this must be what we want. I'll take Time Warner's approach any day.