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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Intelligent Design, Self Centeredness and Rosh Hoshana

The major problem with the Intelligent Design theory is that it is a philosophical theory and not a scientific one. Philosophy is not supported through the same means as science and thus it was a mistake to advance Intelligent Design as an alternative to the scientific evolution theory. Furthermore evolution and Intelligent Design can comfortably coexist and there is a growing body of philosophy which reconciles the two.

The field of science however, does itself a disservice when it tries to use evolution theory to suggest there is no God. The Big Bang is the most widely accepted scientific theory on the origins of the universe, and the big question it leaves unresolved is what caused the big bang itself. To say that it came out of nowhere, would support a theory of spontaneous generation which has long been discredited since the days of Louis Pasteurs' discovery of germs.

According to this article, the renown cosmologist Stephen Hawking says in his writings, "the actual point of creation lies outside the scope of presently known laws of physics". For the record, there is also a growing body of philosophy which reconciles the current accepted 15 billion years of the universe with the biblical account of the universe's creation.

So if there are indications in both directions, why is there so much resistance to belief in the existence of God? It's probably because that's the way God created the world. Every person has within himself/herself a tremendous sense of self. This sense of self puts us in the center of our own universe and creates a resistance to us accepting the fact that God is in the center of everybodies universe. But the theological concept of free will suggests that God wants us to come to this belief through our own devices, so he creates a world where belief and non-belief of God are both viable alternatives.

In our times the growth of the me generation with it's accompanying self-centered technologies such as blogging has lead to even more resistance to the idea of the existence of God. It seems that only when we are struck with overwhelming tragedies do we even glance in the direction of God. But when things are going well, we are very quick to attribute the good times to our own collective technical brilliance.

In the Jewish Calendar we have a long period beginning a month before Rosh Hoshana where we refocus on the choices we have made. We increase our awareness that we are responsible for our decisions and that often our choices are harmful to ourselves and to others. We make amends via thought, speech and action and we resolve to be better in the future. We are made aware that there is a grand plan and this is the time of year to realign ourselves with that plan. What's interesting is that in this intense introspective process we usually give ourselves a grade of NI - needs improvement.

May the entire world achieve success in aligning itself with the grand plan so that we can all be the beneficiaries of a world of peace, prosperity, happiness and meaningful lives for all.