Keep Trying

Monday, October 31, 2005

Hierarchy Chasers

Nicholas Carr has an good piece on the Forbes article:

Bloggers haven't been shy about pointing out the flaws of traditional print and broadcast journalism - what they often call the "mainstream media." Up until now, the criticism has been mostly a one-way street.
That's changing now. As the blogosphere's influence grows, its own flaws are finally getting the inspection they deserve.

Bloggers have been successfully advancing up the news reporting hieararchy with some good posting and by continuously attacking the main stream media. It should be no surprise when the empire strikes back with some flaw-finding of it's own.

There is an interesting thread at Shelley Power's blog which is discussing the further solidification of the A-List Blogging Hierarchy through tools such a Memorandum.

The promise of blogging was that the little guy can be heard and that is still the convential wisdom spouted by the A-Listers covered on Memorandum. But the hierarchy has solidified and the little guy is just a speck on the collective long tail, which is why there is some discontent.

I think that "Blogging is the Voice of the Little Guy" meme is dying and long tailers need to rethink why we're here and where we're going. Did somebody say bring back the on-the-blog posted Blogroll?