Keep Trying

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Judging Spammers Favorably

One of the things we try to work on in the days between Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur (and all year long) is judging people favorably and not speaking negatively about others. Every person has good and bad traits and when you speak poorly about a person, you are focusing on the negative, and in the process you yourself become negative, cynical and bitter.

In reading my comments after the holidays a friend suggested I turn on some Blogger feature to stop the spammers. But to tell you the truth, I was beginning to warm up to those cuddly spam-bots.

On my last post, over 76 spammers bothered to comment which was very nice. And not only did they comment, but they said nice things like "Great Blog!", "Interesting Post!" and "Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way". And when they were done complimenting and giving encouragement they gave me so many suggestions of blogs they thought *I* would be interested - like a personal

So please try to judge the comment spammers favorably because when you look closely you'll see they're really nice.