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Thursday, November 03, 2005

37 Signals Vs Microsoft

I love the people at 37 Signals and regularly read their words and watch their products. Sometimes they generalize their particular challenges to those of the whole technical world providing some good entertainment in the process.

Today they 37 Signals guys seem to be calling out Microsoft after their Windows Live announcement.

The “run your business on the web” space is getting interesting. With Microsoft jumping in the ring in 2006, with our 4 new apps currently in development, and with some other plans yet to be announced, we’re very much looking forward to this battle of the bands 2006.

I think Scoble makes the obvious, but often overlooked point that Microsoft has a huge financial obligation to its shareholders and therefore must be in this business to make *significant* sums of money.

37 Signals seems to be growing nicely and I am looking forward to the day that somebody makes them an offer they simply can't refuse for investment or buy out. They still won't be even close to facing Microsoft's challenges, but at least it will align their perspective a little bit.