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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oogling Google

Some more interesting articles about Google.

Here are some Disturbing Facts About Google including:

2. Google records everything they can:
3. Google retains all data indefinitely:
4. Google won't say why they need this data:
5. Google hires spooks:
6. Google's toolbar is spyware:

And The Great Google Wipeout Chronicle of a Corporate Death Foretold:

Having plunged into too many businesses at once, Google had become distracted. Regulators throttled its local Wi-Fi initiative. Its plan to build out ad-supported computer services—word processors, spreadsheets, databases—for end users had died when Microsoft jumped in first with a superior polished suite. Google, as users of its desktop search had learned, wasn't good at writing client applications. Microsoft, now run by Scott Moore, who had defected back to the company from Yahoo!, continued to trump Google on the desktop and used its know-how and market muscle to write lingua franca search and communications software for all the smart devices, services, and nano-gizmos that people were plugging into the Web: phones, media players, medical monitors, life recorders, cars, houses, ships at sea, personal satellites, and USB-ready newborns as well as the Club Webs belonging to individuals and institutions.

I feel a little guilty about blogging negatively about Google using Blogger on Blogspot, since I do appreciated the years of solid service they've provided. But if Google's mantra is to "Do No Evil", which of course is impossible for a public company, then I'm sure they appreciate all input to set them in the right direction.