Keep Trying

Monday, April 24, 2006

Microsoft Should Break Up Microsoft

Robert Scoble has a courageous post titled How Microsoft can shut down Mini-Microsoft. He's angle is that by improving Microsoft from within, Mini Microsoft, the anonymous and increasingly influential Microsoft blogger will change his airing-the-dirty-laundry tune.

The courageous part of the post is where Robert says:

...if Mini were fired I'd quit on the spot.

I give Robert a lot of credit for truly trying to change Microsoft from within, but I think Mini-Microsoft's solution of breaking up Microsoft is the way to go. Here's what I told Robert in his comments:

I think it comes down to trust. Neither developers nor customers trust Microsoft. Developers like me don’t trust you because of technology churn and lock-in. My business customers don’t trust you because of the price gouging and the forced update cycle (without commensurate payoff) of your flag ship Office products.

Personally I think that Mini’s solution of breaking up Microsoft so they can become more customer and developer centered is the only solution, but it’s nice to see that you are trying.