Keep Trying

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Robert Scoble Leaves the Stumbling Goliath

Good luck to Robert Scoble who is leaving Microsoft to go to a start up called

I thought for sure that Robert would stay until after the release of Vista, so I'm assuming that Vista will be a big disappointment for Microsoft, although Robert is too much of a mensch to ever say such a thing.

Who are we gonna talk to at Microsoft now? Most of the other bigger Microsoft bloggers don't do what Robert's done in terms of emailing and linking to other bloggers, nor do they see it as their responsibility to communicate with their customers.

Although it is always silly to count a big rich company out, I'll reiterate Mini Microsoft's proposal to split Microsoft up it to smaller smarter companies.

In the new world of the Army of Davids, Microsoft is playing the role of the Stumbling Goliath.