Keep Trying

Monday, May 30, 2005

Dave Sifry Offers his Assistance

I've been bitchin 'n moanin about Technorati and whadda ya know, Dave Sifry left the follow message in my comments:

Hmmm, are you still seeing Technorati problems? If so, please let me know, drop an email to dsifry at technorati dot com - I thought we had you all fixed up...

I'm gonna send Dave an email to help him verify the problem and I'm not even gonna bill him for my time or for pain and suffering. I'm going to point out that in a recent post I linked to both Doc and Dave Winer, but when I Techno Doc or Techno Dave, the post does not show up in either place.

While I have Dave on the line, I'm going to suggest that he change verbiage on the Technorati 100 from The most authorative blogs, ranked by the number of sources that link to each blog, to The most linked blogs, based on our most recent calculations.

I think the change is warranted because the wording most authorative blogs is not a true at its most basic meaning. In fact right now there is a hosting company at the top of the list and you might remember how certain girls with questionable moral standards held at least 3 of the top spots at one point.

So Dave, good luck with your technical fixes, and go with the truth The Top 100 Technorati - The most linked blogs, based on our most recent calculations. Thanks again for your sincere concern.